Begin With the End in Mind

The school year is quickly coming to a close. Credit recovery, final grades, looking back on what has been, and looking forward to next school year. So may details and loose ends! Listen, don’t focus on the students who caused angst in your classroom throughout the school year. Forgive them and offer them a chance to pass your class. These are children and children behave and talk like children. Now calculate your final graces and don’t forget to round up! Take time to think about what worked and didn’t work this year. Don’t just focus on your administrative evaluations. Confer with a colleague you respect or mentor to discuss what’s on your heart about your professional goals or expectations. Ask yourself a couple of questions. “Where did I glow? and Where do I need to grow?” It is imperative to reflect about this year while you’re still living in your day to day reality now. Finally, begin to concentrate on what’s to come next year. New students, new parents, new issues, new solutions, and new opportunities to perform differently. Seize the moment by beginning with the end in mind!

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